About Intellectulaw

Nationwide Intellectual Property Representation for US Patents, Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secrets.

What makes us different?

At INTELLECTULAW™, with offices in Mt. Sinai, New York, we practice intellectual property law, i.e. patent law, trademark law, copyright law, and trade secret law very differently from other intellectual property law firms. Since we practice intellectual property law differently, we are not necessarily good for everyone. However, for those clients we are good for, they experience a significantly positive impact on their income and quality of life.

Likewise, we don’t know if we are good for you. However, if you think our very different approach might be appropriate for your situation, contact us to arrange an exploratory meeting or conference.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property comprises the intangible, yet valuable tools, products, processes, ideas, and creations of an individual or company that give the individual or company a competitive edge in business. It includes logos, company names, artwork, advertising, brochures, Web sites, trade secrets, inventions, machines, processes, and devices.

What are intellectual property laws?

Intellectual property laws are laws that protect intellectual property. In other words, they are laws that protect all the intangible valuable tools, products, processes, ideas, and creations that give companies an edge over their competitors. Such laws include:

  • patent laws: 35 USC § 100 et seq.
  • trademark laws: 15 USC § 1051 et seq.
  • unfair competition laws: 15 USC § 1125 et seq.
  • copyright laws: 17 USC § 100 et seq.; and
  • trade secret laws

How is our process different from other intellectual property law firms?

We start by taking the time to understand our clients as people:

  • The client's goals, personally and professionally
  • The client's values
  • The client's intentions (if we don't understand where you want to go, how can we help you get there?)
  • The client's business
  • The position of the client's business in the marketplace
  • The obstacles the client anticipates in the process of achieving his or her goals and the impact of those obstacles on the client’s income and quality of life;
  • And finally the legal issues wholistically, not just in connection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

With the knowledge we acquire, we structure a strategy to help our client achieve personal and professional goals, using the proper management of their intellectual property and the proper and effective application of the intellectual property laws. We make our clients part of the process, keeping them in the loop, bringing them clarity and the knowledge that they need to make informed decisions along the way. The result is that our clients are more in control of the results they seek in connection with the protection of their intellectual property, than with any other approach.

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